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The Flood

Early in 1995, a 50-year flood was followed two months later by a 100-year flood which devastated the field facilities. The field was under 3-4 feet of rampaging water which eroded the pit area, took away the sun shelter, a windbreak fence, two wooden buildings, chemical toilets, and flight line safety fencing. A 40-foot-long steel shipping container used for storage floated 17 miles to the mouth of the river. Fortunately, the paved runway was only damaged, not totally destroyed. Since then, considerable effort and expense have gone into restoration of the facilities. The container has been retrieved, the chemical toilets replaced, and the pit area and safety fencing restored. Club members put in many long hours building a new sun shelter, picnic area windbreak fence and sun shelter, and food service building. The runway was rebuilt, and we now have a new 60' X 400' hard surfaced runway, with 50'-100' of dirt overrun at each end.

Photos of the Flood

Overview of our field Field flooding
Water rising Field flooding
Hiway washing out Container against bridge
Highway washing out Our 40' container against bridge
Overview of flood Damage to field as seen from air
Overview of the flood Field as seen from the air
Damage to field as seen from ground Close up of debris left by flood.
Field as seen from the ground Debris left by the flood
Runway clean-up Rebuilding road
Rebuilding the highway Cleaning the dirt off our runway

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