Rules and Etiquette

1. All members and guests must abide by the Academy of Model and Salinas Area Modelers Rules.

2. Guests must fill out and use a guest card before flying.

3. Aircraft must meet Salinas Area Modelers noise rules, aircraft must have a muffler or be below 85 dba @ 50 feet.

4. All Salinas Area Modelers are Safety Officers.

5. Take all trash off site for proper disposal.

6. No dumping of any kind at the field.

7. Alcohol consumption is NOT allowed during or prior to flight operations.

8. Using a cell phone in any way is STRICTLY PROHIBITED while occupying a flyingstation regardless whether that person is flying or not flying.

9. It is STRONGLY RECOMMEND AND ENCOURAGED that a spotter be present on the flying pad with the pilot during any aircraft operation.